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Dental Festival & Awards 2018

Every day, every week and every year, clinics all over the country work hard to provide the best service and treatment of patients possible. However, no one can do it alone! In order to succeed, we need to work together and create synergy between each of our areas within the dental industry – and for that reason we need to get together.

We will do so at Dental Festival & Awards (DFA) on 29-30 March 2019 at Messe C in Fredericia, where we have gathered everything in a 16,000 m2 exhibition hall: courses, live-demonstrations, hands-on areas, exhibition, gala dinner and award show.

As a visitor, you can use DFA exactly as you wish
Just as we know it from music festivals, you can move around freely and participate in the elements you find interesting – and if the grass looks greener on the other side, you can go over there instead. This means you get to choose how you want to use the festival – whether it is to gather new knowledge, seek new products, chase good offers or something completely different – it is entirely up to you. You don’t have to plan your entire festival from home – we would rather see that you make room for surprises and inspiration.

Many deserve great recognition and acknowledgement

Therefore, all of us will gather for a grand award show Friday night, where we will celebrate the professionals who make a difference for their patients on a daily basis! It is up to you to nominate your colleagues and partners who deserve to win a dental award. Both teams, workplaces, dental technicians, suppliers and several treatments can be nominated and later voted for. Keep track here on the site and on Facebook under DFA – Dental Festival & Awards, where we will keep you posted on the nominations and the votes.

We will have a party for the winners to celebrate, and we will spare no expense for the grand award show with Thomas Warberg as presenter, great cash prizes for the winners and entertainment with Festmaskinen and Rasmus Seebach.

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