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Melvin Sohrabi

Kurser på DFA 2019


Digital therapy Planning

Where beautiful smiles begin

We will guide you through a digital therapy planning with the help of Ivoclar Vivadent’s latest product: IvoSmile.

IvoSmile is an app that will help you plan your digital mock-up so that you and your patient understand each other better.

Our lecturer Melvin Sohrabi will show you how this tool improves communication between the patient and towards the dental technician, and give you an overview on how to use this tool.

The lecture will be held in English.

Du vil lære:

  • About workflow digital dentistry

  • How a visualization tool makes life easier

  • About 3D Printing

  • About CAD

  • Tandlæger, Tandplejere, Tandteknikere, Klinikassistenter

  • 0,75 kursustime

  • Demo Scenen

  • Fredag, 15.15 – 16.00

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Melvin Sohrabi

Melvin Sohrabi Specialist in Oral Prosthetics:
• Dental Exam 2006 at Malmö University
• Between 2009-2011 he worked as an teacher at Malmö University with education of students, patient cases and research in the department of oral prosthetics.
• He began his education in Oral prosthetics in 2011 and became a specialist in 2014.
• Research: “Prosthetic Dental Restorations in Swedish Samples: Prevalence and Agreement between Self-report, Clinical Findings, and Influence on Quality of Life” Nina Lundegren1, Melvin M Sohrabi 2, Margareta Molin Thorén3, Sigvard Åkerman4. Published 2019.
• He worked at the Eastman Institute between January 2016 and September 2018 and has recently started at a private clinic in Stockholm (Willa Remiss Tandläkarna Stockholm)

Sep 2018-
• Melvin works most of his clinical time with prosthetic rehabilitation cases and implant surgery. He has used digital tools in his treatment planning of the patient, for many years.
• Melvin was the first in Sweden to become a beta user for IvoSmile.
• Melvin is a frequently used lecturer in Sweden when it comes to aesthetics.