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PD Dr. Michael Wicht

Kurser på DFA 2019

Resin Infiltration

One method, many treatment options – masking opacities with resin infiltration

Foredragsholdere: PD Dr. Michael Wicht & Dr. Alexander Aresdahl

Resin infiltration was designed to arrest non-cavitated, active caries lesions that radiographically extend up to the first third in dentin. Immediately after treatment, infiltrated opaque enamel is visually masked due to modification of the refractive index. This phenomenon has led to a broad extension of the indication spectrum, i.e. the masking of white spot lesions of random origin on the buccal aspect of anterior teeth.

The clinically orientated lecture alternately held by two speakers, aims at providing the most actual evidence regarding the masking effects of resin infiltration, including amendments of the treatment regimen for different origins of the white spot lesions (caries e.g. after bracket debonding, fluorosis, idiopathic or traumatic lesions, MIH etc.) and will be flanked by numerous clinical cases.

Du vil lære:

  • The physical mechanisms of masking white spot lesions with resin infiltration.

  • The different pathology and origin of white spots, i.e. caries, trauma, MIH and fluorosis.

  • The actual evidence of masking these lesions with resin infiltration using different pre-treatment regimens.

  • A broaden treatment spectrum for those patients who feel aesthetically compromised by white spot lesions.

  • Tandlæger, Tandplejer, Tandteknikere, Klinikassistenter

  • 1,25 kursustime

  • DentaNet Scenen

  • Lørdag, 9.30 – 10.45

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PD Dr. Michael Wicht

Michael Wicht became a dentist at the University of Cologne in Köln, Germany in 1993. After that, he worked at a private practice in Duisburg and in 1996, he graduated as a Dr. med. dent.. Since 1995, he has worked as an assistant professor at the Department of Operative Dentistry and Periodontology at the University of Cologne and since 2000 as an associate professor and senior lecturer as well. Since then he has qualified as a specialist for restorative and preventive dentistry of the German Board for Conservative Dentistry (DGZ) and is now a scientific advisor of the foundation of innovative dentistry.